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Thanks for your interest in becoming a member theatre of the League of Chicago Theatres. The League has proudly served Chicago for 40 years through programs and services that directly impact our theatres. Our members range from intimate storefronts to major cultural centers and locations as far west as Aurora and as far north as Lake Forest. We are an alliance that advocates for and promotes Chicago’s theatre industry, providing the support and leadership to help our theatres thrive. As a collective, we leverage our strength to build partnerships that develop audiences. The League is its members. They drive the programs and initiatives that make the organization one of the most successful and innovative theatre collectives in the country.

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All new memberships are approved at the next meeting of the board of directors. The expectation is that all members will uphold the highest standards of professional conduct in their theatres. All persons whether they are volunteers, employees, or audience members will be treated fairly and with respect. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. The League of Chicago Theatres reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership for any reason.

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For established theatres of all budget sizes.


The League serves many functions for the theatre community, including:


From the inception of Hot Tix, to the creation of programs like The Community Empowerment Series and Chicago Theatre Week, audience development has always been a priority of the League. Through collaborative programs and  initiatives, the League is dedicated to building new theatre-going audiences and bringing them to your theatre. 


Being a member of the League of Chicago Theatres positions your company alongside 200 other Chicago area theatres of all sizes and types. You are a part of the rich history and tradition of producing theatre in Chicago. The League is committed to being a central information knowledgebase for the community, serving a communication role, advocating, making connections and leveraging the strength of the community for the benefit of everyone.
Programs and services:


The Chicago theatre community is made up of theatres of all sizes, but many are emerging companies that struggle to address the challenges of growth and development. The League is dedicated to serving the community through free professional development workshops and events on a variety of topics to bring the community together and help every member theatre grow and achieve their own vision and goals as a company.

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