The Chicago Green Theatre Alliance was founded in 2014 with a mission to encourage, educate, and motivate theatres and theatre professionals to work together to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices.

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Green Tip of the Week: Use filtered water or fountains to replace plastic bottled water. Issue show or theatre logo water bottles to all personnel then store them in a pocketed shoe hanging rack. Click to Tweet

Next Chicago Green Theater Alliance Meeting

The CGTA is meeting virtually during covid. Please join the CGTA Facebook group for notifications about future CGTA meetings and events. 

Next Chicago Green Theater Alliance Event

CGTA Multi-Drive and Swap

Hosted by The Chicago Green Theatre Alliance and Plant Chicago

June 5, 2021
9am-3pm CST

Plant Chicago Firehouse, 4459 S. Marshfield, Chicago, IL 60609

Did someone say “Spring Cleaning”? If you have been looking for an eco-conscious way of getting rid of some troubling items around your house, you’ve found the right event! The Chicago Green Theatre Alliance has partnered with Plant Chicago to recycle and swap some items that make you scratch your head.
We don’t want these things to end up in the landfill, so bring the following items to Plant Chicago. We’ll sanitize and swap some of them, and we’ll recycle whatever gets left. BONUS: June 5 is also the first day of Plant Chicago’s Farmer’s Market! Drop&Swap – then walk across the street to grab some fresh food!
Please register for the event here, so we know you’re coming:

Resources and Tips

Here are some local and national resources that can help with recycling, upcycling, buying greener products or learning more about how to be greener.


Based on research, literature review and the needs and interests expressed by the theatre community, the following provides a guide to theatre greening practices. Organized by shop or department, the tips below represent a range of suggestions and tools to improve a theatre’s environmental performance; the most important thing being to simply get started. One of the barriers to getting started is the overwhelming amount of information contained in three tool kits: Julie’s Bicycle IG Tools, NRDC/BGA Greening Advisor and Mo’olelo toolkit. What follows is a compilation of some of the most easily implemented tips culled from all three toolkits.


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