Reopening Resources

As we move toward re-opening we wanted to give theatres resources to provide for the safety of artists, audiences and staff. We will continue to update this page with more resources so check back regularly and join our reopening listserv for ongoing conversation.

The League of Chicago Theatres’ Reopening Discussion Forum

This listserv serves as a place to discuss, ask questions, and share information about the process of COVID reopening. Follow this link to request access. Email with any questions.

Appoint a Covid Compliance Officer

Appoint someone to be responsible for the safety of your artists, your staff and your audience. The compliance officer can be anyone on your staff, it can also be a team of people who have all received training in Covid 19 safety protocol compliance. Even if you are a company without a permanent home, you will need such a person or people who can oversee the safety for your company in different spaces. There are many on-line training programs where you can learn more about what a compliance officer is and should be looking for, here are a couple:

A helpful resource regarding what to look for in a compliance officer, it relates to the film industry but has a lot that is applicable.

Restore Illinois Phase 4: Theater and Performing Arts

The Revitalization Phase of the Restore Illinois public health approach to reopening the Illinois economy includes larger gathering sizes, additional businesses reopening and increased capacities. Find industry guidelines, toolkits, and graphics for your venue.


Make sure your HVAC systems are running with the proper filters, air flow and that they are properly maintained. It might seem premature for this work, but you are likely to encounter long lead times for service as well as for ordering equipment. There is guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for all building systems here.

McGuire Engineers, Inc. Covid 19 Guidance

McGuire Engineers, Inc. has compiled guidance provided by ASHRAE and the CDC, combined with their own experience with commercial buildings, to make operations of commercial buildings safer when occupants begin returning to work.

Reopening Checklist

Developed by Emily Macaluso at the Harris Theater, this thorough document outlines everything you need to be thinking about as you think about re-opening.

NEA: The Art of Reopening: A Guide to Current Practices Among Arts Organizations During COVID-19

The National Endowment for the Arts has created a document to help with reopening—The Art of Reopening: A Guide to Current Practices Among Arts Organizations During COVID-19. The guide includes case studies of nine arts organizations that have reopened during COVID-19.

The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide

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