Repertorio Español’s Voces Latinx National Playwriting Competition

Sponsored by The Miranda Family Foundation:
DEADLINE: April 1, 2020 timestamp
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This new playwriting initiative continues the ideals of our original competition, to develop and promote Latinx plays and playwrights. By doing so we are championing a distinctive American narrative that is slowly gaining traction with “mainstream” theatres across the country but still lagging woefully behind.

The Latinx/Hispanic Community represents many nations and every corner of the United States. By the mid-21st Century, 1 in 3 people will identify as having raíces Latinx (Latin roots). There are journeys and histories that need to be heard and experienced on stage.

To that end this competition and our theatre will prepare the way for an American Theatre that is reflective and representative of the Pan Latinx Community.

• Playwrights may be Latinx or of any other ethnic or racial background as long as the play’s subject matter and characters resonate with and accurately depicts the Latinx/Hispanic experience.
• No screenplays, one act plays, adaptations or translations will be accepted.
• New and un-produced plays preferred. Plays that have had readings or a workshop production are acceptable.
• All plays must be original and full-length (minimum running time: 75 minutes) and can be written in Spanish and/or English.
• Playwrights must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States or Puerto Rico.