Theater Season Theatre Toolkit

The League of Chicago Theatres, Choose Chicago, and DCASE are proud to announce a new marketing campaign this fall declaring fall “Theater Season” in Chicago. Just like there is is Football Season, Holiday Season, Spooky Season, and SummertimeCHI, this year we are claiming fall as THE season to see great shows. The campaign leans into the idea that theatre is all around us and even the most ordinary of things can become dramatic.

Below you’ll find all the resources to get involved with the campaign and promote your fall shows!


Find a Zoom Recording here of Havas Chicago, the creative ad agency for this campaign, giving a presentation about the campaign. The full presentation deck can also be found here.

Website Event Listings

The website for this campaign is This link redirects to the Choose Chicago website. In order for your event to appear on the campaign landing page, you must submit your event to Choose Chicago’s event calendar*. Contact if you are having trouble finding your show.

Submit Your Event

*Note that if you submitted your show to for the Fall Theatre Guide, it was automatically uploaded to the Choose Chicago site and does not need to be submitted again. Please search for your show on the campaign landing page before resubmitting.


Here you’ll find sample social graphics, and posters for use on social media and to print for your venue. The graphics also include customizable templates for you to insert an image of an object that represents your show and for theatre’s information. For an example of how to do this, check out Slide 22 of the Havas Presentation.

Access the Graphics

Sample Social Posts Copy

This fall just got a lot more dramatic! Celebrate Theater Season by seeing one of over 150 shows playing across Chicagoland. Visit for a full list of #chitheatre performances. #theaterseason

It’s Theater Season in Chicago! We’re bringing the drama this fall with over 150 theatre performances in the Chicagoland area. Visit for more information and to buy your tickets! #theaterseason

Forget Football Season or even Spooky Season, this fall it’s Theater Season! Visit for a full list of over 150 shows playing this fall. #theaterseason

Who doesn’t love a little drama? There’s plenty of it this fall with over 150 live performances to see across the city! Visit to find out more. #theaterseason

It’s Theater Season here in Chicago with over 150 shows to see this fall, including our production of [insert your show info here]. Visit for a full list of fall performances and don’t forget to buy your tickets now! #theaterseason

See a show this fall for Theater Season! There’s over 150 shows to see across Chicago including our production of [insert your show info here]. More at #theaterseason

Theatrical Out of Home

Choose Chicago is presenting three activations on Thursday, October 5 bringing theater to unconventional spaces, but we want everyone to get involved! To get involved in the Theatrical Out of Home activations, place an object or prop relating to your show outside of your venue or somewhere in your neighborhood with one of the custom QR code stickers provided. This activation is meant to spur interest among people passing by and make them curious about what the object is doing there. More information about how to execute Theatrical Out of Home activations is available on Slide 20 of the presentation.


Contact for additional information and questions.