Processing Pandemic Grief for Theater Artists

The global pandemic has led to specific and significant losses for folks involved with theater. We’ve been deprived of our artform and the community it fosters, leaving us financially unstable, isolated, and confused. Many of us grieve what’s been lost in our creative lives, our collaborations with other artists, and the potential development of our careers that never got to unfold.
We at Red Theater know those feelings well. After some serious hibernation and a lot of transformation, we felt a need to foster a space of healing for our fellow theater artists, and hopefully a sense of renewal within Chicago’s cherished theater community.
This two-part workshop will be led by the incredible Avi Vodnoy Wolf, MA, LCPC, R-DMT. Avi (they/he) is a trans masculine psychotherapist and dance/movement therapist. As a theatre artist and researcher, they have spent the last ten years focused on actors’ mental health. Through their research they created and now facilitate Offstage Equilibrium, which teaches actors skills for exiting emotion and character. Avi owns EQ Mental Health, a private practice where they provide individual therapy for queer and trans folks and performing artists, and serves as a mental health consultant for theatre companies.
Pt. 1 will be held virtually on Saturday June 18th, with the in-person pt. 2 a week late on June 25th at The Edge Off-Broadway.
Visit for more information, and email our co-Artistic Director Clare Brennan at to RSVP!