Get Help with your Rigging System Inspections and Maintenance from Vertigo

For those who are considering facility maintenance during this down time, Vertigo is ready to help you with rigging inspections, scheduled maintenance, and repairs to your rigging systems.

ANSI Standard E1.47 recommends that manual rigging systems and fire safety curtains have a Level One Rigging Inspection annually, and a Level Two Rigging Inspection at least every five years. The recommendation for motorized rigging systems is a Level Two Rigging Inspection annually.

The professional riggers at Vertigo are eager to help you keep your rigging systems operating at peak performance and maintain the safest rigging systems possible.

At this time, inspections are available to those within driving distance of Vertigo, which is based near Chicago. Once things have settled, our services will return to world-wide availability.

Rigging inspections can be done while maintaining responsible social distancing. Just make sure our team has access to the venue, show them any specific equipment issues, and away they go!

Pricing is tailored to your venue specifications, the level of detail of inspection you need, and your location. Please contact us today to talk about the possibilities. | 888.359.4255 |