“All Together Now” Community Fundraiser

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, in partnership with the Athenaeum Theater, is coordinating a Chicago Theatre Community fundraising event to benefit any and all Chicago theatres that want to participate.

The plan is to put on a one-night only production of “All Together Now”, a new musical revue being offered license and royalty-free by MTI for use by anyone the weekend of November 12-15th. Details as to what songs are being released for use in this revue are still forthcoming, but the show will be free to use in any form during that weekend.

Any theatre company interested in participating will send one or two members who want to perform. Once the full details of what is included in the show are released, we’ll divvy up the songs, rehearse, and perform on the evening of November 12th. The Athenaeum will provide the crew for the space. The remaining income will be split among the theatre companies. Right now the plan is to charge roughly $40/ticket.

If you are interested in having your theatre take part in this event, or you have any questions, please email andrew.pond3@gmail.com.