Ideas from Meet & Greets 

 Member Resources

  • Bring back working committees through the League where members can get more involved and help the League push forward
  • Bring back the PAV Fund or provide resources for similar services 
  • Resources for best practices in providing Internships and Apprenticeships 
  • Collective insurance and healthcare for small theatre companies so that everyone can pay less 
  • Can we leverage bargaining power to receive better rates for insurance? 
  • Connecting with TAP – Theatre Advocacy Project 
  • Coalitions of theatres by size or neighborhood for more collaboration
  • Covid standards and masking recommendations by theatre size 
  • Affinity groups (one idea: itinerant companies) 
  • Learn more about how theatres work with chamber of commerce 
  • Learn more about the professional non-profit coalition 

League Workshops/Events 

  • Licensing  
    • How to go about licensing shows, how to share shows licensed with other members to know what’s taken and available  
    • Some sort of forum or blog for member theatres to share the shows they are thinking of licensing 
  • HR/Contracting Workshop – Can we bring it back? 
  • Lower priced options for physical programs 
  • Workshops on how to get, keep, curate sponsorships 
  • Software solutions for theatres – information/workshops/actually providing solutions for CRMs, ticketing, donor databases 
  • Workshops on Board development 
  • Workshop on tax parity bill 
  • A regular time (monthly, bi-monthly) for theatres/cultural organizations to network and sharing what they’ve been working on 
  • More networking opportunities, maybe paired with a show? 
  • EDI trainings that build on the League’s current training.  
  • A progressive “leveling-up” for artists and administrators who have taken the training but want to continue in new ways 
  • A resource guide/toolkit that allows theatres to provide training to new employees without needing to take the League training or similar trainings 
  • Bring back the advocacy group/alderman event discussions. Perhaps get multiple aldermen from different wards 
  • Online trainings are still attractive for flexibility. 
  • Would evening or weekend trainings be a possibility for those that can’t attend 9-5? 
  • Interest in re-vamping the HR workshop we did a few years ago and re-offering workshops 

Industry Services & Events 

  • More programs for artists in our community 
  • Help with taxes for industry and artists 
  • Help with financial planning for industry and artists 
  • Advocacy for artists around the new bill coming out 
  • Learn more about PAAL as a resource for parents in the industry (ex. Babysitting grants) 
  • Job Fairs in the suburbs too! 
  • Tech boot camps to build skills of up and coming graduates who couldn’t learn skills on the job due to COVID shutdowns 
  • Connection points for theatres and college programs.  
  • Glassdoor for spaces to rent or affinity group for honest opinion and advice 
  • Possibility of advocacy in lobbies 
  • Parent Artist resources 
  • A Chicago centric theatre conference 


  • More robust and searchable 
  • Diversify the listings on the job board 
  • Make members contact sheet something accessible for members, divided by neighborhood 
  • Resource sharing website: Resource Library 
  • Add resources for ASL interpreters, intimacy directors, fight choreographers, translators, stage managers, designers, tech people, etc. 
  • Add section in the form in the Broadcast for members to submit resources
  • More space availability options – Space Finder website 

Audience Services 

  • Find the WHY to theatre vs screen to motivate audiences 
  • An app that would allow patrons to go to multiple League membership theatres with rewards; something that is robust and would give popup info if looking at a map. (Gamification) 
  • Build younger audiences – tik tok, etc. 

Hot Tix 

  • Splitting up Hot Tix locations 
  • Options for theatres to offer free tickets on Hot Tix