League of Chicago Theatres & Chicago Green Theatre Alliance Theatre Tool Drive

Friday, April 12, 2024
Steep Theatre
1044 W Berwyn Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60540

The League of Chicago Theatres and Chicago Green Theatre Alliance invite you to bring your drills, sewing needles, cables, and flashlights to our first ever Theater Tool Drive! Swap or donate your theater tools and meet other industry professionals. We will be collecting items from EVERY sector of Theatre. If you don’t see something listed here please reach out to us at chigreentheatre@gmail.com to ask if we will be collecting it.


Everything must be in working condition

  • Scenic & Props
    • Hand Tools
    • Power Tools
    • Rigging Equipment (pipe, cheeseboroughs, spansets)
    • Painting Equipment (brushes, rollers, sticks)
  • Costumes
    • Hand Sewing Tools (needles, seam rippers, scissors, etc)
    • Power Sewing Tools (sewing machines, sergers, etc)
    • Notions (thread, elastic, interfacing)
  • Stage Management & Run Crew & Wardrobe
    • Office Supplies (sharpies, post it notes, binders, etc)
    • Backstage Supplies (head lamps, flashlights, aprons )
    • Tape (all kinds)
    • Gloves and Aprons
  • Sound/Projections
    • Equipment that works & plugs in (small)
    • Cables
  • Lights
    • Gel in good condition (min size 6.25” square – standard Source 4) or books
    • Gobos
    • Gel Frames/Gobo Holders
    • Theatrical Lights
    • Atmospheric Machines
    • Clip Lights
    • Cable
    • Tripods, Booms, Side Arms, and Floor Mounts
  • General
    • Theatre books (school books, plays, etc)
    • Step stools and Ladders
    • Folding Tables & Chairs
    • Hand Trucks and Carts
    • Extension Cords & Power Strips


Batteries, bulbs, items larger than 30 pounds, broken items (please save these for the e-waste drive in June!), hazardous waste, textiles (please save these for the Textile drive in October!)




Rideshares should enter in the address of the building, we have found that for some reason the address of the Steep space from 10 years ago is still populating when you just input Steep and I haven’t had any luck yet in getting them to get rid of that address.


All leftover tools and equipment will be donated in the Chicago Community, including Chicago Tool Library and Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange.