Coming Back Stronger: Using the Shutdown to Rebuild Audience Loyalty

Thursday, February 18, at 11:00 a.m. PST, hosted by Arts Reach
Presenters: Michael Mael & Karen Freeman
Led by The Advisory Board for the Arts’ Michael Mael & Karen Freeman, this session will offer:

• Practical steps for attracting and retaining new loyal audiences at this moment
• Data to back up these recommendations and create a path to move forward
• Tangible tools to help your organization effectively market to, communicate with and engage audiences during this extended pandemic period

Research from past downturns and crises shows that audiences typically don’t return at the same levels as before. Even once return is safe and we reopen our doors, we can expect – after an initial post-reopening burst of audience energy – that arts organizations will face challenges to audience growth that will limit their return and loyalty.

How can we avoid that drop off in 2021 and beyond? What are the critical actions to take now to avoid an acceleration of the generational shift away from the performing arts after reopening? We will help you build a new approach, with tangible, data-driven steps to take during this period of limited audiences, to stem the decline in audiences post-reopening.

After the initial reopening, we are likely to hit audience plateaus at much lower levels than pre-pandemic. At this point, we will face the much harder task of relying on non-core audiences, who are already less engaged, to return after an extended period of no in-person experiences and limited self-selection into digital offerings.

The key to accelerating healthy audience return may be found outside the arts. In other sectors, consumer brands have developed a clear answer for building bonds with non-core consumers. These brands cultivate deep emotional connections with consumers around values that are common to consumers and the brand, making clear what they ‘stand for’ well beyond the particular products and services they offer.

“Coming Back Stronger” will be based, in part, on ABA’s breakthrough research to identify audience segments by understanding ticket buyer motivations rather than merely their demographic identity.

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