2023 Roberson Panelist Rating Form

Ratings will be made from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). For reference please use the following scale: 1 – applicant does not meet this criteria; 2 – applicant meets the criteria minimally; 3 – applicant meets the criteria; 4 – applicant exceeds the criteria; 5 – applicant demonstrates distinction in this criteria. Please be sure to score for each criteria. At the end there will be an opportunity to add comments that can be very helpful for applicants after the process is complete.

Criteria for Artivist Applications

a. How clear is the Artivist’s vision for how their particular theatrical talents will make an impact on the stated social issue?(Required)
b. To what degree has the Artivist considered how to incorporate the ideas and concerns of the stakeholders served by the project into the creation of the project?(Required)
c. To what degree does this project outline clear and achievable goals?(Required)
d. Does the proposal describe in detail how the partner organization will assist the Artivist in achieving these goals?(Required)
e. Your overall impression of the creativity, feasibility, and potential impact of this project.(Required)

Criteria for Partner Organization Applications

a. Does the partner organization demonstrate a commitment and enthusiasm for collaborating with the Artivist on the proposed project?(Required)
b. Does the partner organization demonstrate a commitment to providing the necessary resources, guidance, and support to allow the Artivist to complete this project in a productive and healthy way?(Required)
c. Does the partner organization demonstrate a commitment to advocate for the Artivist while working with community partners?(Required)
d. Does the partner organization demonstrate an interest in pursuing or exploring a continuation of the work after the completion of the fellowship?(Required)