Updates to Hot Tix Program

Dear LOCT Members,

I am writing to you with some exciting news for the future of Hot Tix. Please read this email in its entirety. Since starting at the League, it has been a pleasure getting to deep dive into all our programs and speak to the membership about their needs. The Hot Tix program was created to introduce patrons to all our member theatres at rates that are affordable, and for a long time, affordability meant half-price tickets. Hot Tix has grown over the years, giving back 99% of its revenue to our member theatres while becoming an essential income source to fund the league. Since the pandemic, the Hot Tix program has been recovering and in taking the time to assess the program and talking to the board Hot Tix will open its program to include all discounted tickets starting July 3, 2023.

Hot Tix is the only sales platform built for Chicago by Chicago. We have had discussions on the barriers to access for theatres who must place their tickets at half-price and have noted the need to use other third-party platforms over Hot Tix, (I get Goldstar emails!) due to the lack of discounting options through our program. We are now opening the program to include all discounted tickets. We want Hot Tix to be the place you post first.

What does this mean for half-price theatre?

We still want to provide accessible prices at the half price level. For all our members who are selling tickets we will ask to retain a certain number of tickets at half-price for this purpose, we will also request that Hot Tix is the lowest priced ticket outside of the theatre.

What does this mean for commissions?

For a long time Hot Tix has remained at standard .25 cent and .50 cent fees for all ticket sales. This has worked in previous years but moving forward is not sustainable. These rates have been maintained due to the requirement that theatres place all their tickets at half-price. Starting July 3rd with the roll out of the new discounted ticket option, Hot Tix commissions will change to be a standard 5% commission across all ticket sales. In consideration of this change, we have considered what it means to keep the Hot Tix program sustainable while still offering the lowest commission and returning the highest amount of revenue to members of all third-party platforms.

What does support look like for the new program?

In the roll out of the new program we have also assessed support for the new capacity needed. Since the pandemic 90% of our sales have taken place online and over the phone. Hot Tix will be moving all our in-person sales to the Block 37 location beginning July 1, 2023. We will also be hiring two (2) full- time Hot Tix associates and one part time Hot Tix associate to support online and phone sales, theatre build outs and website maintenance.

How can we learn more?

To review the changes to the program and answer any questions, I will be holding a zoom meeting for the membership on Monday, June 12, 2023 at 11:30 AM. You may also reach out to me for further information. While we hope to have a seamless transition, I thank you in advance for your support and patience during this summer rollout so we can be fine-tuned by the beginning of your fall seasons. Follow this link to register for the zoom meeting.

Thank you,

Marissa Lynn Jones

Executive Director

League of Chicago Theatres