Theatre Community Invitation to Manuela Infante’s Estado Vegetal at MCA Stage

Dear Chicago Theatre Colleagues,
In celebration of our final performance of the spring season, we invite you to join the MCA Stage on Friday, May 10 for a special evening of performance with Chilean theater-maker, Manuela Infante.
6:45pm | Pre-show Reception, Marisol
7:30pm | Performance of Estado Vegetal, Edlis Neeson Theater
8:45pm | Post-show Talk, Edlis Neeson Theater
9:15pm | On-stage Champagne Toast with the artists

Enjoy refreshments at an exclusive pre-show reception with Associate Curator of Performance Tara Aisha Willis, the artist herself, as well as members of the League of Chicago Theatres, before we experience Manuela Infante’s Estado Vegetal followed by an illuminating post-show talk with the artist and intimate on-stage toast.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with local theater professionals and learn more about Infante’s performance practice.

Estado Vegetal (vegetable state) is the latest genre-bending work by writer-director Manuela Infante—her first “vegetable play, not an animal play” that tests the limits of anthropocentrism, which has been her prime artistic interest for ten years.
Created with an all-woman team, the play uses Infante’s sublime sense for comedy and theater in service of philosophical concepts about plant intelligence and vegetative soul. The individual stories of Estado Vegetal branch out from a collision with a tree and proceed to imagine a scenario in which plants decide to reclaim their kingdom.

Space is limited! RSVP and purchase your tickets to a performance by contacting or 312-397-4044.