TCG Funding Available for Actors

The Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships program is a grant where actors are given the opportunity to grow artistically and professionally in collaboration with a Theatre Communications Group (TCG) member theatre. The grant seeks to deepen and enrich an actor’s relationship with a not-for-profit theatre, placing actors as the nexus between theatres and communities, serving the community’s needs in a meaningful way.

Actors are selected in two categories:
Exceptional Merit: $15,000 (with an additional $10,000 available to relieve student loan debt) supports actors who are established in their careers as working professionals with 10 years or more of professional experience. Those with less experience are still eligible to apply but must recognize that they are competing with actors who have demonstrated a sustained dedication to their careers. Funds will support actors who are evaluating the current state of their career and envisioning what their career could be as they continue to grow in their artistry.

Distinguished Achievement: $25,000 supports actors with 20 years or more of experience who have amassed a substantial body of work. Funds will support recipients who are looking for opportunities to continue growth and sustain the longevity of their careers. Actors may use these resources to adapt to physical changes later in their career, as well as changes in casting.

The host theatre will receive $7,500 to be applied to costs associated with the actor’s residency activities.

The downloadable guidelines and online application forms can be found on our website:

Registration for the info sessions can be found here:
Tuesday, October 8, 4:00-5:00pm ET