Invitation to Apply with Honey Pot Performance for Hub Artist position as Part of We Will Chicago Initiative

As the first citywide planning effort of its type in half a century, We Will Chicago seeks to develop a people-focused vision for all aspects of the Chicago government using three guiding principles: EQUITY. DIVERSITY. RESILIENCY.

As part of this work, Honey Pot Performance has been selected as the lead public engagement artist to support aspects of this greater planning initiative.

We imagine working with a cross-section of emerging and established cultural workers and community organizers rooted in place. We will harness this process not only to support the creation of a people-centered citywide plan but to uplift Chicago’s neighborhood cornerstones who are foundational to change across the city. We believe change has to happen at the neighborhood level to be sustained.

Our job is to ensure that the We Will Chicago initiative begins and ends with a people first plan that represents and positively impacts all of the people of Chicago. Honey Pot Performance will work with a core group of artists and community organizers to guide the work.

In our search for talented artists and collaborators to help lead this initiative we are impressed by your work and that of your organization and would like to invite you to consider yourself or individuals that would be a good fit to apply for the position of Hub Artist. Please visit the following link to learn more about the project. Attached is the description for the position of Hub Artist, where you can find the link to the application to share.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Honey Pot Performance