Official Board Slate Ballot for the League of Chicago Theatres (2023)

Based on input from the membership and Nominating Committee, the Board of Directors has approved a slate of candidates to fill the current Board vacancies.

The ballot should be completed by the Executive, Managing or Artistic Director, or authorized member of your organization. Your designated official may cast one vote on the slate; Yes to approve the proposed slate or No to oppose the proposed slate. If the slate passes, the new members will be announced after the December 22nd deadline. If not, the Board will propose a new slate within 30 days.

The Board of Directors of the League of Chicago Theatres is pleased to present to the League Membership the following candidates to fill current Board vacancies:

Slate of Recommended Candidates:


New Board Member Candidates

Christina Casano, Artistic Director, The Plagiarists

Mica Cole, Executive Director, TimeLine Theatre

Kamille Dawkins, Artistic Director, Strawdog Theatre

Tina El Gamal, Managing Director, Jackalope Theatre

Jorge Valdivia, Executive Director, Chicago Latino Theater Alliance

Paige Whitson-Martini, General Manager, Chicago Shakespeare Theater


Current Board Member Candidates Seeking Re-Election

Karen Cardarelli, Executive Director, FACETS Multi-Media

Dr. Marcus Robinson, Co-Director, Enrich Chicago

Doreen Sayegh, Producer/General Manager, Pemberly Productions

Ivan Vega, Executive Director, UrbanTheater Company


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