May 12: International Voices Project - Australia - "Rice"

05.04.2017 06:20:00
International Voices Project (IVP) celebrates the voices of international playwrights from translation to production.
The International Voices Project champions the work of global playwrights by creating opportunities to experience new and contemporary international plays in urban settings and on stages throughout Chicago. IVP celebrates the mother tongue, and fosters work that brings native languages to the forefront. From its inception, Chicago was conceived as the crossroads of the country. The rail lines that crossed the city now symbolize the role that Chicago will play in the future: as the center of international dialogue and design, creating opportunities for artists and audiences alike to experience the most engaging and provocative new plays from around the world. IVP fosters new translations, supports the work of translators, and creates ongoing relationships with playwrights from the five continents.

Friday, May 12, 2017 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
at Instituto Cervantes | 31 West Ohio Street Chicago, IL 60654

Play: Rice
Playwright: Michele Lee
Director: Bec Willett

Synopsis: Rice by Michele Lee explores the role of two Australian women of Asian heritage and their roles in the business of global food production. Nisha, a late 20s second generation Australian Indian is the Executive Officer of Golden Fields, Australia’s biggest rice company. Yvette, an older Chinese woman and cleaner at the same office is trying to connect with her daughter whose experience growing up in Australia is far removed from her own. The relationship that forms between these women is one that reveals the complexity of the Australian identity.

This event is FREE and open to the public. To reserve a ticket, please click here.

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