2022 Roberson Panelist Rating Form

Ratings will be made from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). For reference please use the following scale: 1 – applicant does not meet this criteria; 2 – applicant meets the criteria minimally; 3 – applicant meets the criteria; 4 – applicant exceeds the criteria; 5 – applicant demonstrates distinction in this criteria. Please be sure to score for each criteria. At the end there will be an opportunity to add comments that can be very helpful for applicants after the process is complete.

Director Application Criteria

Director’s vision for staging the proposed play or musical(Required)
Belief that the directorial project will contribute to the Artist’s professional growth(Required)
Evidence of the Artist’s commitment and ability to complete the proposed project(Required)
Demonstrated commitment to a career as a Director as evidenced by previous experience(Required)

Host Theatre Form Criteria

A stated commitment and enthusiasm for producing the Director’s proposed project(Required)
Commitment to provide the necessary support, guidance and atmosphere that allows the Director to develop their skills(Required)
A desire for the Host Theatre to consider a full-scale production of the work, if it is initially workshopped(Required)
Does the host theatre demonstrate a commitment to advocate for the Director within the Chicago arts community both during and after the fellowship is complete(Required)
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